Wretched Man


Born of a church going man and a mother with two sons

Raising kids must be tough when you're still growing up

We're all taught to turn a cheek that peace can end a fight

But here our hands still bleed and we see through swollen eyes


Oh what a wretched man I am


Crooked hearts will fall apart and thieves come back for more

It's the blackest oil in the water when little lies are told

So make an honest man of me and show me wrong from right

For I once was blind but now I see that we all need the light


Oh what a wretched man I am


It isn't always easy to put a bullet in your pride

To kill your selfish ways to put yourself aside

We spend our days soul searching for the maker of the stars

And the beauty of it all is we find out who we are


Oh what a wretched man I am